We have arrived!


We have finally beamed in to Destination Star Trek London, we are currently sat in our comfy bloggers lounge, the 24th century is literally being built around us. Like Picard in ST Nemesis sat in his office whilst the Enterprise is being restored behind him.

In fact, it’s just like that they are literally building the bridge of the Enterprise bridge!

Things to look out for: Klingon Bar….. WOW! We are never leaving! Watch out if you are wearing flammable attire (all of us) and sneaking in tribbles isn’t funny.

Federation Chill out zone – very modern, sleek and happy – just like the federation!

Museum – lots of to see

We are currently in the press pit watching the guest arrivals and we were very lucky to interview William Shatner amongst many other Trek Stars

Stay tuned for photos, interviews and more…..