Into Darkness Press Conference

After a night filled with dreams of explosions, miniskirts and lens flares we arrive back in London this morning for the Press Conference. You couldn’t pick a better location, set against the backdrop of London, the very scene used in the movies posters (in our minds we see 23rd Century architecture too).

We were glad McCoy was in the house because we needed reviving several times!

Here are our highlights:

  • Lidelof mentioned he wanted to stay true to the original Star Trek, to embrace canon but not be limited by it either. This was also reflected in Orci and Kurtzans responses.

There was a great question asking what everyone did when they found out they were going to be on Star Trek:

  • Chris pine was very honest and said he didn’t get the part after first audition, felt his ego was burnt but wanted it more the second time.
  • Simon wanted to be romanced by JJ but said yes as soon as he asked!
  • Karl Urban was already a fan of the series. Keen to know the story.
  • Zoe Saldanas mum is fan so she called her
  • Zachary Quinto called his friend who has been to no less than 50 Star Trek Conventions

They also spoke about what they liked about their characters

  • Benedict wanted to be more than a stereotype baddie, wanted you to feel for him too. Ohh the feelings we feel!
  • Alice loved Carole’s fierce intelligence and is so distracted by it she’ll even get changed in public. We gave her a good clap for that!
  • Simon spoke about getting Klingons on the Starboard bow. We think that was a dig at Kirk and why he spent last night in sickbay?

Sadly we didn’t get any of our questions in, which was a shame because we felt ours were good from a fan perspective

Highlight: Simon Pegg braveheart tribute and Zoe’s dress

Low point: the indepth question about Benedicts diet! People actually took notes! Worse than that Enterprise episode about how Reed likes Pineapples!


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