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Star Trek Into Darkness – Social Premiere

It seems like just yesterday we were at the cinema watching ST:ID and now it's here, on DVD! We can't wait to watch it and will be joining in on the Twitter Social Premiere Monday 2nd September, 20:00 BST 
Make sure you follow us on Twitter and look out for the #IntoDarkness to link in with the collective minds also watching.
Not only is this a great way to connect with fellow fans and discuss the film live, we reckon its great for first day DVD release sales figures too! Someone at Paramount is getting a promotion to regional sub-nagus. Eitherway, we're excited to watch it again! See you on monday \\//

Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere Roundup

The sky was blue, the carpet was white and London was the centre of the Universe. We have been avoiding the internet, keen not to give too much away about the film. But here is a roundup of our experience. Wednesday 1st May: Our first task for the away mission in a trip to Sky News HQ where we talk about our expectation about the film. Bit cringeworthy now we have seen the film. But other than the preview, we knew nothing about what to expect. You can find the interview on the Sky News App, downloadable from iTunes After a late lunch we headed to the cinema to watch Star Trek Into Darkness. It was an advanced press screening and along with Raules Davis (The Trekologist) and Chris Cooper (Editor of Star Trek Magazine) we think we … Continue Reading ››

Into Darkness Press Conference

After a night filled with dreams of explosions, miniskirts and lens flares we arrive back in London this morning for the Press Conference. You couldn't pick a better location, set against the backdrop of London, the very scene used in the movies posters (in our minds we see 23rd Century architecture too).
We were glad McCoy was in the house because we needed reviving several times! Here are our highlights:
  • Lidelof mentioned he wanted to stay true to the original Star Trek, to embrace canon but not be limited by it either. This was also reflected in Orci and Kurtzans responses.
There was a great question asking what everyone did when they found out they were going to be on Star Trek:
  • Chris pine was very honest and said he didn't get the part after first audition, felt his ego was burnt but wanted it … Continue Reading ››

Exclusive Star Trek Into Darkness Gifts!

Today is the the world premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in London and to celebrate that and its release on 9 May, we have teamed up with Paramount Pictures to bring you a fabulous set of Limited Edition free goodies.

Simply visit the promotional link and choose your gifts whilst stocks last. All the gifts are free – all you pay is the postage and packing fee to ship the items. But be quick, this offer is advertised in national papers this weekend (they have slightly more readers than our blog!)
Our inner Fergeni wants movie related merchandise! Take your pick here

Speculation on Darkness

We're heading Into Darkness aka London. Although its sunny for the first time ever! We are very privileged to have been invited to an advanced showing of Star Trek Into Darkness, so whilst sat on the train we discuss what we think might happen in this film. Our speculation is purely that. We have no idea what will happen in this film. Read at your own discretion 🙂

  1. John Harrison will die (and Carole will cry!)
  2. Johns Harrison's death will be the premise for the next film
  3. Leonard Nimoy will make a suprise appearance
  4. Best quote will go to Spock
  5. Scotty will score funniest moment
  6. Someone's life (probably Spock) will be left in peril
  7. Amongst devastation, a pregnancy is revealed (But will it be Marcus or Uhura?)
  8. We will cry at the end of … Continue Reading ››

Here comes the Darkness

We have been blown away by all the excitement and build up surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness and have been very lucky (or tortured) to have seen the first 30 minutes of the movie, but since the wave of Premieres began last week we have avoided all spoilers so we can sit back and enjoy the movie.
Tomorrow (Weds 1st) we will be put out of our misery as we will see the film in its entirety! Don't worry, we won't say a word. Spoilers are out there if you want to find out.
You can find us reporting on the UK release of Star Trek Into Darkness on Twitter @TrekkieGirls


Wednesday 1st afternoon/evening - Press Screening

Thursday 2nd - 10 am Press conference with all cast, JJ Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman, Lindelof and Burk

Thursday 2nd - 5pm London Premiere, Empire … Continue Reading ››

Star Trek: The Search for Scotty?

If (like us) you are still determined that the prophets will shine down on you and grant you tickets to the London Star Trek Premiere, then here is another chance to win some with Paramount Pictures.
All you need to do, is look out for the Into Darkness posters jotted around the country (UK) and find the ones featuring Scotty! 
You jot down the code then enter the details with Paramount
You need to enter before 12pm midday on Wednesday 1st. There are 10 posters in total and Paramount are giving away a pair of tickets to the winner. Check out their t's & c's
We'd love to know why Paramount picked Scotty, we can see the spoof version of the film already. Taking Scotty back … Continue Reading ››

Another Trailer

Whenever we see a tweet declaring a 'new' trailer we have to do a little bit of studying to ascertain if it is new and different from the last one we saw. Not that we're complaining but we reckon if you shuffle all scenes from all trailers you can piece together the whole film now!

Tough Little Ship v Half as big as her Captain
This latest trailer looks incred! We are itching like a scabby tribble to see this film now. Is it our over active imaginations or do we spy an Excelsior class ship? We can almost see Sulu eyeing it up and mentally picking out paint samples.

Watch the trailer via iTunes

Star Trek Into Darkness UK Cinema Tickets on Sale!

Just like how touching the Pheonix made it more real for Picard. Being able to purchase tickets to Star Trek Into Darkness makes it ohhh so real. 
Tickets are now on sale for the following UK Cinemas:

Picture House
Odeon IMAX 3D
Odeon 3D
Odeon 2D

So a thorough coverage and selection to choose from. These can be purchased through the official Paramount Star Trek Into Darkness site here. Not all locations showtimes seem to be available yet. But for our local cinema (Portsmouth) it allowed us to click through to Vue's website and purchase tickets. Can't help but notice the Wednesday 8th May 00.05 screening hailing us!

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