Looking for par’Mach?

There’s been plenty of romance and bromance on Trek over the years so us Trekkie Girls have been looking for par’Mach in all the right places….

After discussing which members of the cast we’d most like to Pon Farr with, (Sam: Data, call me!) we decided to shake it up and think about which characters would be a good match across the series. Which characters do you think would make a great couple?

Uhura and Julian Bashir


Can’t you just imagine these two seeking out Jamaharon with each other under the suns of Risa?
We think either the Nichelle Nicholls or Zoe Saldana version work, but as one of them is committed to Spock we’ll go with Nichelle.
Logic: Julian likes intelligent, strong women but with a playful side. As for Uhura, how could she not be attracted to his boyish charm? It’s not completely out there as a possibility, he likely shacked up with her colleague on K-7. The bad news is Uhura will be challenged by Carole to the kal-if-fee ritual. Carole is surprisingly hard, Uhura wouldn’t have a chance.
That brings us to this: 


 Sheldon Cooper


Ohh yeah we said it. Probably not too different from Sheldon and Amy Farrah-Fowler?
We think Sheldon’s crush on Wil Wheaton was destroyed as a young child and he found a special love for Spock. 
Logic: Whats not logical about this? Spock would sign up to the room mate agreement. Sheldon would get someone to help him with his string theory work. We’d like to think that even Sheldon would be gagging for it after 7 years too.
Worse Star Trek romance ever?
Troi and Worf?….No
Lwaxana Troi and Odo?…..No
The worse EVER romance goes to:
 Lt.Bailey and Balok

What do you think they did on the Fesarius all day!?
Logic: In space, no one can hear you scream

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