Star Trek 13: Beyond

TrekMovie are reporting that the title for the third Star Trek reboot movie is titled ‘Beyond’: has it on good authority that Star Trek Beyond is being used for the title of the new Trek film. What we do know is that the name has been registered with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a step that typically signifies a title has been settled on for an upcoming movie. It is possible, given Bad Robot’s history of secrecy and pretense, that this is merely a decoy name registered to stir up conjecture amongst the media and fans. But, the official title will need to be registered with the MPAA before the film’s release, and given the timeline, it seems likely that such a decision would be made now.

Source: TrekMovie

Admittedly, when they announced the last movie as ‘Into Darkness’, we let out a little sigh. Star Trek is about hope even in sucky situations. But ‘Beyond’ conjures a sense of adventure, look to the future and stretching itself. This is exactly what we want from this third installment. 
We also note the top comment from TrekMovie:

 SoonerDave – April 21, 2015
Well…at least it’s news. “Beyond Antares” came to mind when I saw it….

Ohh err SoonerDave, we like your thinking. Good job Zoe Saldana can sing! (Yes we watched that Britney film. Don’t judge us!)

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