Sulu Trumps Obama

So Donald Trump is going to give an announcement tomorrow that’s going to blow a hole in Obama’s re-election campaign. Anyone else reminded of that time Commander Tomolok threated to beat up Captain Picard after school tomorrow to display the Enterprise’s broken hull in the Capital city of Romulas? 

The Trekkie Girls have a bit of political experience and understand that one way Obama could diffuse the situation is to take the sting out of the story, by announcing it (whatever it is) first. We suggest this option because we know he doesn’t have a couple of cloaked Klingon Bird of Preys hiding behind the Whitehouse.
To help we have hired an expert team of Betazoids, Vulcans and Ocampa to read the President and Trumps mind so we can give you the scoop first.
As you know, one of the key questions in the Presidential debates has gone unanswered;
“Who is your favourite Star Trek Captain?”
We might not get a vote but we are all citizens of Earth and our American cousins deserve to know the truth on this vital issue.
However our telepathic friends have sussed it out…
President Obama’s favourite captain is very likely:
                                                   CAPTAIN SULU!

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