DSTL: All Good Things

Q once said ‘All good things must come to an end’. Sat here at Trekkie Girls HQ (a 1990’s identi-kit house with mock tudor cladding) we feel far removed from our trekkie bubble and Star Trek themed sets/props that we have been living in this weekend (ok MDF, glass buttons and glue).

We had a blast sharing our experience with you and interacting with the fans. We got to play amongst some of the big boys such as StarTrek.com Star Trek Magazine and Syfy who were also reporting the event and doing a sterling professional job doing so. It felt like we were cadets racing our type 15 shuttlepod alongside the prometheus. So we are grateful to everyone who checked our feed.
Over the next few days we’ll be updating our site with little joys that we remember from the weekend but in the meantime we will leave you with these snippets:
Our Favourite moment:
Meeting William Shatner on the red carpet when the Captains arrived.
Sam: Are you a T.i.T (Trekkie in Training) or a T.W.A.T?
(Trekkie with Advanced Training)
Shatner: Are you kidding? I’m the SHAT!
Not so good: Price of Romulan Ale. For £5 we expect liquid latinum!
Top fan feel good moment: Breaking the Guinness World Record for most dressed Star Trek characters.
We are in the top left corner humming the Star Wars theme tune
Not such a good feeling: our feet after standing in the ‘Queue Continuum’
Favourite random tweet:
                              TNG’s Worf feeds ENTs Archer
   V TrekMate’s Paul feeds TG Sam


Worst tweet: Na, we wouldn’t do that!
From speaking to the fans, DSTL can certainly be hailed as a success. We spoke to hundreds of visitors who were having a fantastic time and would love to go back. Where problems did arise (and we have never been to a large convention where everything has gone smoothly, especially a first) attendees are providing constructive feedback for ways to improve. This feedback means that Trek fans are hungry for bigger and better conventions.
Our own personal view was that this was a fantastic event, surrounded with top Star Trek stars, so many talks it was hard to choose which to go too, a great venue location and a dedicated team of people working harder than a dilithium miners to deliver an unforgettable weekend. The rest was filled in by the attendees and it was their ability to immerse and enjoy themselves, to become fully engaged. And even fully functional (so the rumours say!)
Long live the Convention!