Today is a good day…

….To watch first contact! Whilst tomorrow is first contact. It’s still good to get that cheap thrill from hearing Data say todays date. It’s the simple things! This year is a special one though as it’s the 50 year pre-anniversary of first contact.


We’ll be celebrating the event with fans across the country this weekend at the National Space Centre, Leicester. Tomorrow evening we’ll upload our video on ways to celebrate this special event. Then stay tuned this Saturday for our live tweeting from Dawn of The Federation. Where we will no doubt make endless innuendoes over the name Dawn.

One thought on “Today is a good day…”

  1. I only just discovered your blog and your YouTube channel. Obviously we've been drawn in to a distortion field and that's why I'm commenting on an older post. I have a feeling we've been here before… perhaps playing poker wih Data? That would be odd. I don't gamble. Maybe Spock can tap my memory with a mind meld.

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