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Dawn of the Federation

As you know we love our Star Trek Conventions, but we don't get to enough fan-only run events. As we knew the organisers and a lot of the groups involved in Dawn of The Federation we knew we had to give it a go. 'Dawn' as it got shortened too, was intended as a celebration of the 50 year pre-anniversary of first contact. And we swear by the name of the prophets we celebrated in a way that would make Troi and Zefram proud.
We had a three hour drive to Leicester (which is called 'the midlands' but is every bit 'up North' to us!) we arrived about midday. We had missed some of the group presentations which felt a bit like missing a mission briefing, you weren't sure whether it was a good thing or not!? Fortunately we were able to catchup by meeting each table one … Continue Reading ››

Today is a good day…

....To watch first contact! Whilst tomorrow is first contact. It's still good to get that cheap thrill from hearing Data say todays date. It's the simple things! This year is a special one though as it's the 50 year pre-anniversary of first contact.
source: Trekcore.com
We'll be celebrating the event with fans across the country this weekend at the National Space Centre, Leicester. Tomorrow evening we'll upload our video on ways to celebrate this special event. Then stay tuned this Saturday for our live tweeting from Dawn of The Federation. Where we will no doubt make endless innuendoes over the name Dawn.

First Contact Celebrations

What will you be doing to celebrate? We will be at the Leicester Space Centre at: Dawn of The Federation. 
All over the world fans are gathering to celebrate the countdown to the moment Zefram Cochrane makes First Contact and thrusts mankind into a new era of peace.
Whilst we look forward to the uniting of fans, the shared optimism of space travel and the general geekness of this event, we are really looking forward to a fun, lighthearted atmosphere. This is a great chance to get costumed up but this ain't no Vicars and Tarts party, more like Vulcans and Warp field specialists knocking back tequila's like Troi.
The USS Fortitide are organising this event and have a good deal of experience hosting events having hosted two Trekology conventions with a third planned for July this year. We spoke to Dawn Of The Federation organiser Wil Ross who told us how the idea … Continue Reading ››

Federation News Service

There are so many great Trek related stories circulating the Federation News Network this week, we thought we'd take a minute to gather them altogether for you. 4th April If you follow Nichelle Nichols on twitter. Your jaw would have dropped when she uploaded this picture of her with a fan: Obama has fan-boy wrote all over him! Whatever their beliefs, it is always reassuring to know that a politician likes Star Trek. Would you vote for someone who hadn't watched Star Trek?  Oh, and Nichelle, Love the necklace! Source: @RealNichelle 5th April  We all celebrated First Contact by drinking Tequila Troi-style whilst listening to Cochrane's favourite tunes and dancing like our Dads, right? Larry Nemecek (The Universe's renowned Star Trek Authority himself) engaged in some seriously Jake Sisko style journalism and reported an amazing … Continue Reading ››