Trek Fashion Beams Down to London

Many people blog about how Star Trek has influenced the development of technology or how it inspired someone to become an astronaut. 
But not many people observe how Star Trek influences fashion. This is why Trekkie Girl Sam and Trekkie-With-Advanced-Training Teressa (See episode 13) headed to London Fashion Week to check it out. Fashion analysts and bloggers love to comment on themes and inspirations, so we have too: We started off with some TNG Retro inspiration in the Jasper Conran show. Although it could pass off as TOS, its clearly a tribute to the blonde and buff bodies of Rubicun III. Got to love those Edo!

We had predicted that Bajoran fashions would be on trend again this season but we weren’t prepared for this:
Seriously?  The Occupation Era?  
Too Soon!  

They couldn’t have stereotyped her anymore if they had dressed her with riffle and some Cardassian neck bones around her neck! And someone give that poor refuge some Hasperat.

The women of Betazed used to wear huge wigs, with large holes in the middle for tiny caged animals.

First it was a fashion, then it went on long enough to become a custom. A tradition.

But it was uncomfortable for the woman and cruel to the animal. 
Then one day one very formidable woman finally said so and refused to wear another of those wigs. And fairly soon the custom stopped. 
She had the courage to stand up and fight for change.

But now its back! Don’t forget to buy the matching Tribble!

But our favourite ensemble of the whole event has to be:

Spock is a fashion icon!! At last! This is the perfect outfit for hiding your true heritage when stranded amongst primitive 20th Century Humans. Hides ridges and ears. It is very functional too, it can be thrown off quickly if you need to mind meld with whales. It was quite bold for London but you’d blend in on the streets of San Francisco (Hey, Sulu was born there!).

Catwalk photos by Teressa


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