Is London ready for Star Trek??

Ready!? We’re as ready as blood-fevered Vulcan trapped inside Janeway’s ready room.

But ready for what? Let’s get all Sherlock Holmes like….

Here’s what we know. All the Trek News sites have got a press release with this link…..


Its official, the imprint is CBS. The insignia says New Movie (derrr I know!)
They are organising ‘something’ in London and from the press releases it looks like October.

Favoured option one – They are filming here. Maybe they have gone back in the past to the eugenics wars and need to find a city that oozes of 1992?

Sam and Carole still have their 1992 clothing! —>
Please make this so!

Option two
Super awesome viral marketing thingy. Find the cloaked vessel in the Thames? 
Reveal the undercover Changeling in Parliament? (Its George Osbourne isn’t it?)
The winner gets their name on the Enterprise’s dedication plaque.

Option three
Its a big money making scheme, the Grand Nagus is sending us the Grand Proxy to encourage us to buy merchandise.

If anyone important does care, please can it not be on the 13th October.
This is very important because our new TiT (Trekkie In Training) Kazzie is getting married that day! Carole is the bridesmaid and Sam is the grooms sister. The groom is also a TwAT (Trekkie With Advanced Training).
We’d all look real silly in a Star Trek movie wearing our wedding attire! 

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  1. It almost certainly won't be filming. Very few films take longer than 100 days for a principle shoot – the vast majority less than that. Seeing as it started shooting in Jan Trek 2 will be wrapped by May.Possibly a UK leg of a Star Trek exhibition at the O2? Just a thought?

  2. Star Trek TNG has its 25th Anniversary on 28th September 2012. But you won't see all the cast there. Michael Dorn is at the official Star Trek Con in Chicago, Marina Sirtis is on Cruise Trek and a lots of the others are going to Austin the week after. So this can be added to the mix 25th Anniversary Party Con?Hope they announce location and guest quickly so I can get a hotel deal with the flights. Got prices already and it not looking too bad and that's just a rough location of central London.

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