What to buy a Trekkie for Christmas?

With the run up to Christmas, we like many others have avoided the shops like the Telurian Plague and taken to shopping online. But what do you buy the Trekkie in your life?
Here are some of our top finds:

Compare the Meerkat fans?
I’ll admit to buying my car insurance through Compare The Market just to get one of their cute Meerkat cuddly toys. For your Meerkat crazed star trek fan you have to check out these adorable little fellas.
These are knitted to order and I personally love Worf and Locutus.
For your slightly slutty friend
Theres always one female friend who can’t help but whack them out at new years parties and weddings so why not help them keep whatever dignity they have left by getting them some handmade Star Trek Pasties. 
Next time they have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ they thank you!
For your Teeny Pop cousin
This made me laugh so much I had to share it. If Britney and Paris were vulcan, this would be their catchprase (can you imagine it!?)
The shop owner also has other geeky slogans such as “I love you more than Commander Riker” – I’m not sure how that is supposed to be taken?
For your Number One lady
Us Trekkie Ladies have been waiting a long time for some decent Trek Jewellery to hit the market. I love the sparkle in this and the whole collection is great. Its all very reasonably priced too so make sure you get her something nice to go with it or you’ll be in trouble when she sees how cheap you are! (hey, it’s another century until greed and material desires are no more).
For your greedy uncle
You can’t go wrong buying presents on Think Geek, but this is truly awesome! Make sure you get the Enterprise Bottle opener to match!
For all your friends babies:
For a split second…a tiny second, I almost considered having children myself just to have this bib (for an android, thats almost an eternity!) But as my friends are all currently producing children as if there were a population crisis, I’m a little bit chuffed that I have an excuse to buy this!
Now go forth and shop like you’re on Ferenginar!

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