Confessions of a temporally displaced women

Have you ever watched one of those Jerry Springer episodes with the Man who felt he should have been born a Women?…I know exactly how they feel. Except I have no confusion over my gender….but with Time. I DO NOT belong in this time line – its always felt wrong to me!

Most people put it down to watching too much Star Trek – they are right. Some say I am ‘from another planet’ ….thats not it though. And I’ve given it a lot of thought. As I look at all the aliens in ST, I’m not a Raktijino drinking warrior like a Klingon, I’m too much of a lefty to be a Ferengi and I don’t have the bone structure for a Cardassian, but those self-righteous know-it-all humans…yeah thats who I am.

I first had these inclinations as a young child. I recently came across an old school book which went into some detail about ‘what I want to be when I grow up’. Obviously I was going to enlist in Starfleet but I was unsure which area to specialize in. I was naturally drawn to command….as Kirk says you don’t give up being Captain of the Enterprise. But ships counselor looked pretty appealing too less hours, better office and you’re still a bridge officer!
– The note from my teacher suggests “have you thought about becoming a vet?” (what the Spock!?)

Whilst technology is having a growth spurt (thanks to Henry Starling and Capt Brannigan) I worry that Humans aren’t keeping up in terms of their personal development – both individually and as a collective species. I am shocked that some people harbour attitudes which would have been considered hateful by Victorian standards.

There are lots of sets backs to living in the wrong time line…..planes….injections….microsoft…..More on that later though……


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