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Away Mission – London Film and Comic Con

After a brief period of having to deal with real life 21st century issues we are grateful for a distraction this weekend and will going on an away mission to London Film and Comic Con!
It's the best bit about British Summer Time if you ask us! 
At this years #LFCC (as it's affectionately known) the organisers Showmasters have pulled off a very generous Star Trek line up that resembles a mini DS9 reunion:
Avery Brooks - Captain Benjamin Sisko
Alexander Siddig - Julian Bashir
Armin Shimmerman - Quark
Nana Visitor - Kira Nerys
Rene Auberjonois - Odo
Aron Eisenberg - Nog
Max Grodenchik - Rom
Andrew Robinson - Garak
David Warner - Chancellor Gorkon / Gul Madred
Barry Jenner - Admiral Ross
Salome Jens - Female Shape Shifter
Bruce Gray - Admiral Chekote / Surak
Kitty Swink - Minister … Continue Reading ››

Convention Report: London Film and Comic Con

We arrived at LFCC about 10am on Saturday 7th. Our Mission: To report on the phenomena that is Comic Con....
Despite being early and having a schedule that a Space Station operations manager would be proud of, we still managed to be 15 mins late to the Star Trek talk (the horror!).
This consisted of Gates McFadden, Elizabeth Dennehy, Hallie Todd and Tracee Cocco. As Sam walked in she pointed at Tracee and yelled ‘Ohh its HER from ops!’ - so crass! 
  The sound quality in the talk was sadly rather poor so it was difficult to hear but we caught an amusing story about how the crew surprised Patrick Stewart after the Best of Both Worlds arc. He hadn’t been filming on the bridge for some time, what with being a … Continue Reading ››

What’s On: July

Trekkie Girls Log...Supplemental. Boldly continuing our mission to bring to you the top UK Trek events of this year. We present to you:
July 2012
6th - 8th
Organised by the same group who bring us Collectormania (see June post). This is an all encompassing geek-fest which not only includes the autographs, photo shoots, talks and stalls which we love but it also has Anime, Cosplaying, Card trading and video-gaming zones. We find that fans are much more likely to dress up for this event. It is held the weekend before the International Comic Con in San Diego and the atmosphere and reputation of that event has influenced these London Comic Cons. British geeks all genres are getting braver and bolder. … Continue Reading ››