News: Destination Star Trek London

A little break from our reporting on TGSITG. Our Interviews are coming together nicely. Just working out the best way to share them on Blogger. Meanwhile you can check out some additional pictures on our Facebook page.
We wanted to share some news about Destination Star Trek London.
Colin from Trek News and Views was able to secure an interview Jill
 Ubdegrove from Media 10, the events company that is organising DSTL. We were unable to make the call as we were reporting from Peterborough but we sent Colin a list of questions in advanced and along with and Wayne from the TrekMate Podcast, they grilled Jill for information.


The interview can be found via Trek.FM or iTunes but it comes with a health warning. You will get VERY excited!!! Don’t drink too many liquids whilst listening.
You can also find the interview via Trek Mates Podcast.

What was particularly reassuring is that the organizer is a huge Star Trek fan! We were also very flattered to hear that Media 10 have enjoyed our videos and our speculating too.

Listen to the interview to find out:

  • When the next guests will be announced
  • When the Party tickets go on sale
  • What we can expect in terms of props/sets
  • Bar – you want to hear about the bar!!
  • And lots lots more!

We’re glad you liked our suggestion about renaming the baby changing rooms to ‘Alien’ changing rooms. (Plenty more ideas where that came from!)The Klingons, Andorians and Orions always need to touch up their makeup during the day. Although we have seen some odd looking babies at conventions too!

This event sounds like none other, we simply cannot wait. Time Warp anyone?

Our thanks to Trek News and Views and Trek Mate for including us in this.