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Trekkie Girls ep 23 & 24 – Still Surviving Conventions and Supplementary

This week is the 1st anniversary of Trekkie Girls!  We had so much to say we had to make two episodes to share with you; Our forth instalment from the 'How to survive a Star Trek Convention'. Announcements on our new website, our excitement to hear that Brent Spiner is coming to London! And that we are honoured to be official bloggers at Destination Star Trek London this October. So come along and see us and our friends at Trek Mate and Trek News and Views!

Trekkie Girls ep 19 – How To Survive a Star Trek Convention Part Three

The Trekkie Girls continue their 'How to Survive a Star Trek Convention' with advice on how the guest stars get through them. Sam and Carole have been asking many of the Star Trek actors how do they survive.
The also talk about the legacy of fandom and the unique nature of Star Trek conventions. Not bad considering they are hungover, ill and sleep deprived! 

How to Survive a Star Trek Convention. Part One

With UK Star Trek forums buzzing with chatter about the Destination Star Trek London event in October, we are putting together a collection of blog posts and vBlogs on  ‘How to Survive a Star Trek Convention’. In the first part of our 'How to Survive a Star Trek Convention' we look at the ticket prices and how to spend your money wisely. Please also see our previous post for ticket price information: Star Trek London Revealed