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There are so many great Trek related stories circulating the Federation News Network this week, we thought we’d take a minute to gather them altogether for you.
4th April
If you follow Nichelle Nichols on twitter. Your jaw would have dropped when she uploaded this picture of her with a fan:
Obama has fan-boy wrote all over him! Whatever their beliefs, it is always reassuring to know that a politician likes Star Trek. Would you vote for someone who hadn’t watched Star Trek? 
Oh, and Nichelle, Love the necklace! Source: @RealNichelle

5th April 
We all celebrated First Contact by drinking Tequila Troi-style whilst listening to Cochrane’s favourite tunes and dancing like our Dads, right?

Larry Nemecek (The Universe’s renowned Star Trek Authority himself) engaged in some seriously Jake Sisko style journalism and reported an amazing story about a couple from Bozeman Montana who have named their baby Zefram! The whole story is like any Trek time travel episode with a predestination paradox. Check it out for yourself on Larry’s blog Trekland: http://larrynemecek.blogspot.co.uk/

6th – April – Whilst we were nursing our First Contact hangovers, The wonderful Michael and Denise Okuda sent out this bombshell of a news story: 

                                         FULL SIZE USS ENTERPRISE IN LAS VEGAS

Source: Goddard Group

In an alternate reality, this exists now. How frikkin awesome would this have been!? From the write up, they were so close to building this life-size replica of The Enterprise. It’s such a shame it took one man to destroy a project so well supported. Some men just don’t have the lobes eh?
If they built this we would be on the next plane bound for Vegas. Well done to the Goddard group for the work they did. They were obviously passionate and driven and thanks for sharing this story with us. I’m sure that any Trekkie who gets access to a time machine, will go back to 1992 and make this so.
Read the full article here

9th April – Trekcore wins the Jake Sisko journalism prize this time for uncovering the UK release dates for Star Trek The Next Generation season one Blu ray release date. Save up £50.99 by the 23rd July and it’s yours! Check it out here

9th April – supplemental. This is too cool for words. A company has created a Transporter App…which…no – no words, just watch:
Source: Trektoday
We hope they leave those bus station posters in Vulcan forever so we can have a play. Or if they can send some to the UK, that would be nice too!
One last snippet of news. In regards to Star Trek London  StarTrek.com have the privilege of revealing the first named guests on April 16th. Our latinum is on Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

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