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We have commented on how we feel about leaked photos and rumours from the set in a previous post Coolant Leak, I mean Photo Leak! But in the last week the internet was been rife with spoilers and rumours. 

The good news is any number of fan sites that are speculating, could be right. But they don’t know what we know…..

The USS Enterprise stumbles upon The USS Botany Bay. The crew are perplexed by the occupants claim that they are relics from a Eugenics War as no one in the 23rd Century had heard of it. Records indicate that the Botany Bay’s temporal signature is the same as Spock Primes’ so they must have crossed over at some point. In this timeline there was no war in the 1990’s just plenty of purchasing on credit and the rise of ‘girl power’.
Concerned about the integrity of the timeline (now they worry!?) the Enterprise tries to send the Botany Bay back to its own time.  But the crew inadvertently travel back to 1994 where they have a whimsical Californian adventure.
The only way they can get back is by hijacking a space shuttle (and Admiral, it’s the Enterprise!) but not before they are interrupted up an angry time travelling tramp who convinces them to take two Whales with them “because that will save you having to come back later.”

Gossip Trekkie Girls cannot reveal our sources but we there is nothing to disprove this….

Oh and they are filming at Vasquez Rocks so the Gorn is definitely in the movie!


A leaked photo from the set. Spock explains to Scotty that he was supposed to get a boy whale and a girl whale. 
Also, what role is Mayim Bialik playing in the new movie? Your comments are welcome….



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  1. Oooh. Nice!If my sources are correct (and they seldom are), upon investigating the personnel files on the Botany Bay, they discover the Girl Power movement was initiated by augmented artists known as the Spice Girls.Instead of George and Gracie, Scotty beamed up beasties named George and Brad? Oh My!Mayim Bialik is playing a Joined Trill from the future who travelled back in time to discover which of the crew is secretly a Klingon on a mission to eradicate the tribble population.

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