VIP Package

VIP Ticket details revealed!
We had previously speculated about the £2999 VIP Ticket for the Destination Star Trek London convention, including Green Skinned women and Jamaharon with all five Captains on the bridge of the Enterprise.
But the details have finally been revealed by DSTL:
We are very pleased to release the details for the exclusive VIP ticket to Destination Star Trek London.  These tickets will be strictly limited to just 20 people and will be issued on a first come first served basis, with VIP tickets going on sale from tomorrow at 10am (Friday 27th April 2012).
The VIP Ticket package will include…

  • 3 Day Event Access
  • 1 Ticket to Opening Ceremony/Captain’s Talk
  • 1 Exclusive VIP show jacket limited to only 20 worldwide.
  • One to one breakfast with a guest from the event on Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Guest to be allocated by DSTL. Different guest each day)
  • Individual photo shoot with each headline Captain in attendance.
  • In-Person Autograph for each headline Captain in attendance
  • Individual talk ticket for each headline Captain in attendance
  • Reserved front row seating in main auditorium for all talks or presentations.
  • 10 individual photo shoots of purchasers choice with guests attending the event. (Not headline captains).
  • 5 guest encounters with individual guests. (Not headline captains). Guest encounter is a small group chat with no more than 25 people to one guest lasting approx 30 mins.
  • 2 In-Person Autographs with other guests in attendance. (Purchasers choice. Not headline captains)
  • Priority Queuing for all guests in attendance
  • 1 Exclusive rare signed card
  • 1 Bridge Photo shoot
  • 1 Ticket to Stunt Show
  • 1 Ticket to the main Friday and Saturday night Parties.
  • Limited Edition Print
  • Exclusive Goodie Bag
  • Exclusive VIP room stocked with refreshments and seating.
  • Access to VIP area at main Friday and Saturday night parties, with guests in attendance.
  • Dedicated VIP group liaison/assistant available throughout show hours to help enhance the DSTL experience.
  • An Exclusive poster limited to only 20 pieces signed by every guest in attendance at the show. (All signatures will be obtained subject to any issues beyond Destination Star Trek London’s control).

This exclusive package will give the ticket holder an amazing hassle free experience at Europe’s biggest Star Trek event! No queues or risk of missing anything plus a dedicated room to take a break from the fun with refreshments, a dedicated crew member to assist you with any queries and so much more!

Wowsers! If you are very rich, and have no friends. Do it.

We shan’t be selling our cars or applying for credit cards for this. We’d want Grand Nagus treatment for this money, e.g., We wouldn’t be expecting to spend a single penny extra for anything all weekend including accommodation!

Obviously if we were crazy rich, we would! As we want to go with all our friends, we’d feel a bit lonely at the top. What’s that we hear? “The Higher, The Fewer!”

If you are disappointed that the VIP ticket doesn’t include some sordid group Ponn Farr with Starfleets finest, there are ways around it. We have seen some ‘interesting’ guests accompanying male fans at Conventions! Remember ‘What happens at Conventions, appears on Facebook!’