How to Survive a Star Trek Convention. Part Two

You spoke, we listened. You want to hear about Cosplaying so here is everything we know. British sci-fi fans are no longer the reserved stereotype. Once we put on our com badge and ridges we become as overt as a Dabo Girl on the Venus drug.
When it comes to picking what you want to wear. Decide now. Don’t leave it until two weeks before to decide that you want to dress up as some sort of Nausicaan/vedek hybrid. Dressing up needs planning, planning, planning. Check out our video blog about Cosplaying:


Here are some websites that we have personally used and had good service:
Badge, Pips and Pattern from Roddenberry
Ran by Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod, this will meet your every expectation. They sale a range of high quality props and everything else you could desire! We have bought dress patterns and TNG com badge and pips. It is on the expensive side but well worth the money.
(p.s – check out the Horga’hn!) – Seller: kattara8
Purchased the TOS dress pattern. Great service and lots of other fabulous items in her store. I haven’t actually attempted to make the dress yet but most people I encounter who have a tailor made TOS dress brought the pattern from her. – Cosplayying
We ordered about 16 red TOS dresses in 2010 and were very pleased with the fast turnaround and service. This is a good mid-range option. They are much better quality than the UK based fancy dress shop costumes but maybe not as precise as a tailor made option.
They ship from Hong Kong which can be off-putting for buyers but we’ve seen lots of satisfied customers.
The following are sites that we haven’t personally shopped from but specialise in costumes. – This company has appeared at the San Diego Comic Con among other events and is simply the best of the best when it comes to costumes. These aren’t mass produced, they have mimicked fabric, colour, grain and contraction process. They are expensive but are what Trekkie Girls call ‘an investment piece’. We want!
Sam made her own TNG scant
Carole in her Cosplayying TOS dress
The one key ingredient to a good costume is good fitting. We’re sure Garak would agree. If you can afford it, get your costume made to measure, or attempt it yourself. Here is Sam in her TNG Skant she made herself with the Roddenberry Pattern. Trip, on the left to Sam also had his costume made by his very talented friend Dax.
Costuming Forums
There are a few forums that are a great source of references when it comes to costuming. Do check these out, if you are new to costuming, there are people with the answers here!:
Screen-worn Costumes.
If you are either very rich or have different spending priorities, you can sometimes find a screen-worn costume. The blog  The Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Blog updates with known auctions. They also have a very helpful and friendly forum where they discuss sales, replicas etc.
Not everyone is in Starfleet and sometimes we’re not feeling quite Human either.
For all you latex needs, this site seems to have a good range. Plus they have Captain Picard lookalike Giles modelling for them!
We hear that the makeup Ben Nye is good for special effects and that along with other supplies can be found here at but remember, it’s not easy being Green!