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In our last post we talked about a series of Trek related coincidences at Tesco. Well stranger things have happened. And here it is!

I (Sam) am currently studying to become a counsellor (yes, I want an office and chocolate supply like Troi). So one day I’m reading a text book and I notice these set of names.
I chuckle to myself. Only a trekkie would put that together. And read on.
A couple of pages later. I stumble upon another fictional client (right). Kess.
Not spelt right, but hey. I’m starting to wonder if I am going bonkers. Do I really see Star Trek everywhere!?

I flick through the pages to read the name of each fictional client. Reg, Jake, Kathryn, Jennifer, Molly, Beverly….Nerys! Hmmmm I’m starting to think the therapists who wrote this are (not so) secret Trekkies.  But towards the end there is some undisputed evidence:
There’s even Wesley and Ro.
It would be even better if their problems fit the characters. I feel confident as a therapist I could help Odo with his:
It’s his people! Odo was looking for his people!
In case you’re curious or don’t believe me, the book is : Skills in Gestalt Counselling & Psychotherapy (Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series) By Phil Joyce and Charlotte Sills. It is also an excellent book should you be training in Gestalt Counselling and Psychotherapy.
I wonder which one of the authors is the Trek fan, or are they both fans? Ironically there is no mention of Deanna Troi in the whole book. But as they mention Kira, we will leave you with this quote:



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