Next Away Mission – London film and comic con

We’ll be at London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) which runs 26 – 28th July – Olympia – London.

We say it every year but only because it’s true. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST LFCC EVER!

There is a HUGE lineup at LFCC with some bigger names such as Martin AND Charlie Sheen, Robert Carlyle, Jason Momoa, Carrie-Anne Moss and Brendan Fraser. Those are all great reasons to go to LFCC, but we are the Trekkie Girls… we go for the Star Trek!

This year Star Trek fans are being spoiled! We have a very impressive Trek present, especially considering we’re only three months away from Destination Star Trek which boasts an exclusive Star Trek lineup.

Billed to attend from Star Trek are:

Zachary Quinto (Spock)
Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca)
William Shatner (Captain Kirk)
Walter Koenig (Chekov)
Shazad Latiff (Ash Tyler)
Nicole De Boer (Ezri Dax)
Ethan Philips (Neelix)
Robert Picardo (The EMH)

The event runs Friday 10am to 7pm / Saturday 9am to 7pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm. Buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment!