Red Shirt Diaries

Unless you have been condemned to Talos for the past week you will have heard that The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2 is about to drop on the Trekkie Community.

And here is where we must confess our dirty secret. We haven’t seen season one yet! Because we always intend too, we haven’t quite got round to doing it. But we don’t want to get left behind. All our podcaster/ blogger friends like it and have interviewed Ashley Robinson (writer, producer and actress) who stars in the web series. 

But that’s about to change. Tonight at 9pm UK time we will sit down and watch them. If you also haven’t had the chance to watch it, or you want to refresh yourself before season 2 starts, join us tonight on Twitter at 9pm.

In brief, the Red Shirt Diaries follows Ensign Williams on the first 10 episodes of the original series will she make it alive! (Spoiler alert, as season two is coming out next week, we expect so!).

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