Season One Final – Will You Take My Hand Review

WHAT AN EPISODE! What an incredible first season.

Star Trek Discovery Crew - Will you take my hand

The first season of Star Trek Discovery was in our opinion the strongest opening of any Star Trek series.

The story about the soldier and the general which Burham narates was the perfect analogy for the first season. Burham experiences fear (the encounter with the Klingon) which creates a chain of events that happens very fast. Her actions to protect her Captain can be explained when we learn how her parents were killed by Klingons and the maternal relationship she has with Georgiou.

Looking back we realise how much empathy we have had with Burnham. We have been on this crazy journey with her. Michael and the crew have been on a warp speed, spore speed, non stop race against some deadly foes, they have been deceived, hurt and manipulated since day one. By the time we found ourselves on an warpath to Qo’noS we were ready for battle. Everything we knew for the last six months told us this was going to be an epic space battle, shit was about to get blown up, Georgiou was going to do something crazy and two characters would die or left in peril.

And then Michael Burham said “no” and everything slowed down.

The result was a beautifully upbeat episode that felt quintessentially Star Trek.

And we got that cliffhanger we predicted but not the cliffhanger we expected. The Enterprise’s appearance and The Original Series score  at the end of the episode lifted our mood and connection to this series. We feel and share the crews restored love of Starfleet and we can’t wait for season two.


We hosted a tweet-along for Netflix viewers. This was our reaction:

Live Webcast

After the tweet-along we were joined by Damien – aka The Irish Trekkie and chief mod at the Unofficial Star Trek Discovery Fanpage on Facebook and Trekkie Rob who runs the Trek Book Club.

Here we discuss how the season developed, how we felt about character progression, Klingon penises (seriously, we can’t get over that!) and THAT ending!

Best Bit: No one died! Tilly saluting Emperor Georgiou, getting high, everyone performed admirably.

Weird Bit: No one else seemed to question Georgiou turning up and behaving like a deranged war leader.