Smooth that groove

The future as depicted in Star Trek has it all. Fancy technology, excellent mental and physical health, weather nets and Dabo. We can be forgiven for feeling inferior and primitive at times. But there are times when you occasionally think of something that we have and that future doesn’t. And that our friends is this:

This might be the best bit of plastic a Trekkie Girl could be packing since the USS Enterprise edition of Mastercard. If we could send one item to the future to our lyrca clad sisters it would be this. And possibly a Diet Coke.

There’s not much more to say about the smooth groove. We haven’t tried it but with costuming trending at UK events, this could be just the thing you need.
 Our friends in the 24th century might not find these things embarrassing but if you want peace of mind whilst wearing the perfect 7 of 9 costume and are worried that after a few rounds of Romulan Ale, your sacred chalice of rixx will resemble an inverted Bolian forehead, then we reckon this might be for you!
And remember; this camel toe fad is culturally specific. Do not compliment a Klingon on her smooth one!