ST: Into Darkness – Another Special Footage Screening?

Last December you may recall we were invited to a special footage screening of Star Trek Into Darkness. This was the first 9 minutes of the film and included a talk with the Producer Bryan Burk, Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. It was the highlight of the year.

If those bloody Trekkie Girls mention the
worldwide premiere for London one more time I’ll tear this city apart!
So we are as surprised and excited as a kid on a holodeck to discover we have been invited to another special footage screening tomorrow!

We have no idea what to expect? Will it be the same 9 minutes? Will they have some extra scenes to show? WHAT THE SPOCK IS HAPPENING!?.. Yes, we are excited.
We know the last screening coincided with a new trailer and 9 minute preview alongside the Hobbit. So we’re thinking that there could be a new trailer released?
Whatever happens, the Trekkie Girls will let you know so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook   ***UPDATE**


And what do you know, an hour after we post the above, this Paramount UK announce on Twitter that the UK are getting Star Trek Into Darkness realised a week early!! Could it be that our Campaign: London Into Darkness (CLItD, #London4IntoDarkness) got through to someone? We have no evidence to support that, but we like to think so!
This is FANTASTIC news! Roll on May 9th…. We’d better go update our countdown on our Into Darkness page

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