Star Trek Into Darkness World Premiere Roundup

The sky was blue, the carpet was white and London was the centre of the Universe. We have been avoiding the internet, keen not to give too much away about the film. But here is a roundup of our experience.

Wednesday 1st May:
Our first task for the away mission in a trip to Sky News HQ where we talk about our expectation about the film. Bit cringeworthy now we have seen the film. But other than the preview, we knew nothing about what to expect. You can find the interview on the Sky News App, downloadable from iTunes

After a late lunch we headed to the cinema to watch Star Trek Into Darkness. It was an advanced press screening and along with Raules Davis (The Trekologist) and Chris Cooper (Editor of Star Trek Magazine) we think we were the only fans invited. As much fun and a privilage as it was to be invited, we are looking forward to seeing it for the first times with a room full of Trekkies to soak in the atmosphere, the reactions and collective gasps. We did feel lonely and completely geeky squealing, when the rest of the audience was as stone faced as a Vulcan.

We’re staying tight lipped about the film itself. We cannot wait to talk about it. But feel free to checkout our spoiler free reaction video filmed straight after the film (we reapplied our mascara before, naturally!)

Thursday 2nd May:
Back to London, this time we had our first and original Trekkie In Training, Sarah, in tow as our Yeoman supportive friend and helper.
The press conference for Star Trek Into Darkness was held at London City Hall, a building and backdrop that looks straight out of the 23rd Century.

Another lunch, some blogging and we headed to Leicester square.

Even though we had just been sat within feet of the cast and crew, when they arrived on the red carpet, we were still desperate for a glimpse.
The scale of the event was much bigger than the 2009 movie, owing to the fact that this was a world premiere (remember our little campaign to bring the World Premiere to London?)
The entrance of the white carpet included a massive Insignia badge whilst the opposite end was a reproduction of the Enterprise Brig, which was used as a stage.
The warm-up act was rather embarrassing in our opinion, he sang a Star Trek Rap: “S to the T to the A to the…” This was only saved by some talented audience members with a flare for improvisation.
When he referred to the Vulcan Salute as ‘Star Trek fingers’ we almost got out our Bat’leths!

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