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Portal 47 with Larry Nemecek

A couple of months ago we were teased with a new project called 'Portal 47' from "The universe's renowned authority" on all things Star Trek, Larry "Dr. Trek" Nemecek. 11855879_1496528707325010_6387179218097844395_n Portal 47 is now up and running and sounds amazing! It comes across as a virtual convention. If anyone has been to one of Larry's talks or stall at a convention you will know he is a wealth of knowledge with memories, archives and friends from all series.
"Portal 47 may not be for all Trek fans but if you crave a new way to get a virtual backstage pass and hear from new voices of people who were there, like a min-con package all year long no matter where you live... Then beam aboard and deep-dive through the Portal with us!" - Larry Nemecek
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