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London goes Into Darkness for Earth Hour

Source: TrekMovie
Starfleet Insignia beams over London as it goes Into Darkness for Earth Hour. When we started our London4IntoDarkness campaign (to bring the worldwide premiere of STID to London) we bothered loads of important people with our idea. The feedback we got from the likes of Paramount was 'probably not the worldwide premiere, but Brits will not be disappointed with what we have planned for London'. And like Darmok with his arms wide open, we certainly have not been. First we had the announcement that London will receive the movie earlier than the US (9th May in case you have been in Rure Penthe for the last fortnight) and then last night (23rd March) London literally went Into Darkness, in aid of WWF's Earth Hour, when Paramount released some clever quadrocopters powered by green energy, in the formation of the … Continue Reading ››