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Countdown to Darkness Review

In our previous entry we reviewed the exclusive variant cover for Countdown to Darkness - The Enterprise Edition. We wanted to keep the review of the limited edition cover and the content of the comic separate so you can avoid the spoilers if you wish to.  We must say a big thank you to UK Conventions Limited for providing two copies of the Enterprise Edition for our competition and are pleased to announce that Vincent Ian Peter Kent and Graham Adams are our winners and shall be receiving a copy each. You can buy your own copy via the Enterprise Edition website. Admiral, there be Spoilers here: I must admit, I'm was a bit nervous about reading a prequel comic. I didn't read the Countdown comics in the run up to the '09 movie choosing to wait until after. When I did it … Continue Reading ››

Enterprise Edition: Countdown To Darkness Giveaway

This week we have a treat for you Trekkie Girls and Boys. UK Conventions Limited have kindly given us two limited Enterprise Editions of the first Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness comics to giveaway.
"She's a big ship" "Not half as big as her Captains reputation on Risa"
Limited to 1,701 copies (naturally), UK Conventions have released a special officially licensed  'Enterprise Edition' of the comic that features a unique cover illustrated by Stephen Molnar and a certificate of authenticity.
To enter the free draw to win your own Enterprise Edition of Countdown to Darkness, Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook and re-tweet or share this link (copying or tagging @TrekkieGirls). You will be automatically be entered. UK entries only. Winner will be … Continue Reading ››