The Good, The Bad, The Benedict

By Carole

He’s hot, witty, smart, an amazing dresser and oh so well spoken, he’ll steal your word (and l should I know it happened to me) buts that’s not what has me excited about his role as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness – I won’t lie it is part of it 😉
“Did I lock the shuttle bay door when I left this morning?”
I adore the ’09 JJ film but the one thing that I thought fell a little short was that the antagonist, the adorable Eric Bana, just wasn’t intimidating, I never felt that Kirk and crew were in true peril. But from what I’ve seen and heard so far (and its beginning like I’ve seen the whole film now) Benedict aka John Harrison is truly a force to be reckoned with. His voice alone has been sending chills down my spine.
John is a terrorist with an apparent noble cause who does terrible things but can still pull at our sympathies. He plays games with Kirk and crew, a puppetteer almost and they are the best sort of villain.
My fangirl moment
I know a lot of people are hoping that John Harrison is Khan but I don’t I hope he’s not. What I hope is we have a new iconic star trek villain who will be known and imitated outside of the trek world.