Star Trek: The Search for Scotty?

If (like us) you are still determined that the prophets will shine down on you and grant you tickets to the London Star Trek Premiere, then here is another chance to win some with Paramount Pictures.
All you need to do, is look out for the Into Darkness posters jotted around the country (UK) and find the ones featuring Scotty! 
You jot down the code then enter the details with Paramount
You need to enter before 12pm midday on Wednesday 1st. There are 10 posters in total and Paramount are giving away a pair of tickets to the winner. Check out their t’s & c’s

We’d love to know why Paramount picked Scotty, we can see the spoof version of the film already. Taking Scotty back to Scotland to undergo a ritual to restore his soul. Probably involving large quantities of Scotch and a ceilidh.
Good luck with finding Scotty! And if you need someone to take with you, we are free Thursday evening!
Real life conversation:
Carole: Have you seen those Star Trek Into Darkness Posters on almost every bus stop right now?
Sam: A Bus?… I saw one of those once…on Star Trek IV!

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