UK Cinemas to show DS9 Documentary

The incredible Deep Space Nine documentary ‘What We Left Behind’ is coming to 44 UK cinemas thanks to CinEvents.

We’ll be heading to our nearest screening in Southampton on the 26th June, we hope some of you will join us. If you have been to the Sci-Fi Ball previously, this cinema is a tribble throw from the Grand Habour Hotel.

If you can’t join us you’re bound to find a location close to you and you can book your tickets here.
UPDATE: Ireland, Austria and Germany now also included!

If you aren’t aware of the documentary (where you been?) it’s a showcase feature of the series dubbed Star Trek’s ‘middle child’. Directors Ira Steven Behr (showrunner DS9) and David Zappone (The Captains, For The Love of Spock) have created a unique insight into the show which goes much further than talking heads on a screen and it offers the viewer much more than just nostalgia. We know this to be true because we were very lucky to go to the premiere of the documentary at Destination Star Trek Birmingham last year. We were also early backers on their crowdfunding site so we got to watch it again a few weeks ago. Despite seeing it twice we’re STILL going to watch it again at the cinema.

Why? Well seeing it at Birmingham was cool because it was the first time we saw it but a convention hall isn’t made for movies. Watching it on a laptop screen does not do the documentary justice either. We don’t want to give you any spoilers but there’s going to be a few scenes which are going to look epic on the big screen!

We’ll be posting more details about what we have planned for our away mission to the cinema so keep an eye out!

Which cinema will you be watching the DS9 Documentary?