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Wild Bangarang Star Trek Leggings Review + Discount Code

If you’ve been watching our Friday Night Live Chats you’ll know that we love sharing Star Trek Bounding ideas. If you’re unfamiliar with the term it simply refers to dressing in a subtle way to express your fandom through clothing and accessories. They always say to dress for the job you want and ours is Starfleet!

That’s why we were very excited when Wild Bangarang got in touch and asked if we’d review their range of officially licensed Star Trek apparel.

Our usual disclaimer, we only review stuff we like. We know licensee holders pass vigorous standards to sell Star Trek products so if we don’t like something, it just means it’s not our taste. We don’t want to use our little voice on the internet to bash a company trying to make an honest living. But if we love something, we’ll shout it across all subspace frequencies!

What we love most is that we can wear them anywhere. We can dress them up with heels, wear them to walk the dogs or on the school run. It’s a bit more obvious than Trek Bounding with the insignia but they are subtle enough (even the Borg ones!) to attract the attention of other Trekkies in scanning range. They’d be perfect for wearing to Star Trek conventions. If cosplaying isn’t your thing, this is a comfortable and affordable alternative.

The good people at Wild Bangarang have kindly given Trekkie Girl followers 15% off with the code: TREKKIEGIRLS – includes non Star Trek items too!

They do much more than leggings (We are going back to buy more so we’ll keep you posted!). The Star Trek range is due to expand soon to include some familiar alien races. We can also expect to see them at Destination Star Trek in Birmingham this October so you can see the products in person.

Check out our video review from our Friday Night Live chat: