What’s On: June

In Part two of our What’s On posts. We look at UK events with Star Trek Guest Stars.

In June we are going to:
June 2012
1st – 3rd
We have been to a few of these and they are generally well run, simple affairs. They are predominately a trading arena with lots and lots of stalls. With signing areas, photo ops and guest talks. From the ones we have been to before,  the guest stars are sat in the main hall so we can stare at them and point (honestly, its like a pet shop!). But some guest stars are too precious to be left out like nerd bait for us to chew on so they store them away in secure areas.
This year there are loads of media guests but we are Trekkie Girls so these are the ones we want to see:

Michael Dorn
Nichelle Nicholls
Gwynyth Walsh
Barbara March
Admission is free which is great as there are plenty of things to spend your latinum on once you’re inside.
Venue is the Milton Keynes Stadium and there is plenty of free parking. Speaking of Free, there is a free bus from the train station, if you are that way inclined.
Budget between £15 – £20 for Photos and Autographs (each) and the Duras sisters will be doing their photoshoot in full Klingon Makeup! (We wonder if they’ll be wearing the booby dress!?)
We find one day is plenty of time for an event like this. We will be going along if only to find out …..
….If Lursa and B’Etor are smuggling Tribbles?
Stay tuned for more What’s On….


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