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DSTG Takeover!

Remember last October when we Vulcan nerve pinched several security guards to give you a sneak peek of Destination Star Trek London? (At least, that's how we remember it!)

Well we can't wait until Feb '14 to get into Destination Star Trek Germany so we have masked our warp trail, set up transporter scattering devices and dry cleaned our lucky starfleet undies because we are taking over the official @StarTrek_DST twitter account!

Join us every Wednesday at 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) where we will talk all things Star Trek and get excited about next Feb's event. 

This Wednesday 20th we will be talking about the guest line up. Who is going? Who do you want to see? Who are you most excited about meeting? 

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TNG Tastic!

We thought from the first guest announcements that there was a slight leaning towards Deep Space Nine guest for February's Destination Star Trek Germany but like Spock trying to fool a supercomputer, they have us again! The next wave of guests seems to be rather Next Gen. Although Michael Dorn lends himself to more than one franchise.
Personally, we LOVE Marina, Dorn and Frakes on the stage together. They are a bundle of laughs and it's been a while since we have seen the love-triangle trio get their Imzadi on! 
We really hope they get to take to the stage together, we won't want to miss that.
So far the guest line is pretty huge:
William Shatner
Brent Spiner
Jonathan Frakes
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Guess Who Is Going to Germany?

Yesterday we were put out of our misery as the next Star Trek Destination was finally revealed. Carole and Sam met up to discuss their thoughts and hopes for Destination Star Trek Germany and as usual, looking for clues.....
At a glance:
Location: Frankfurt Messe, much bigger than London ExCel. Two airports serving.
Ticket Prices: Comparable to DSTL at today's exchange rate.
The difference is with the premium ticketing options with Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP fairing slightly cheaper than DSTL. Whilst offering roughly the same. The only significant difference is at DSTL a Captains Talk was included. So we presume the price difference is due to this.
From comparing, we'd either go Silver or Latinum (and that ain't no typo!). Also note that priority queuing is available only for Latinum and VIP. This is bad news if you normally would go Gold, but good news if you go … Continue Reading ››

New Destination Star Trek to be revealed!

It's the moment we have been waiting for since we shuffled out of London Excel with a Romulan Ale hangover and someones vulcan ear stuck to our left boob.  It's coming back!!!!  Check out:
As we recall from last year, the convention gods love torturing us by slowly drip feeding us information and it looks like the same is happening again with the next reveal in 5 days. 
So keep an eye on your inbox, check their website and make sure you're following @StarTrek_DST on twitter. And us of course! Because we will be doing our usual detective work to uncover What The Spock is happening.
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Destination Star Trek London…Are back!!!

Guess who is back!!!.....
  As usual, Trekkie Girls will be all over this like Kirk to an Orion girl. Note how the hashtag is DST and not DSTL.....we're so getting a clue right now. *Can Barely Contain...Excitement!*