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Twitter Takeover – It’s all about William Shatner!

We're very excited about tonight's DSTG Twitter and Facebook takeover.

He was saving the galaxy before we were in diapers! He is the one-and-only and Destination Star Trek Germany headline guest WILLIAM SHATNER!!! 

Gosh we love him and we can't wait to see him in Frankfurt next week. Until then we're going to dedicate a whole takeover session to how awesome he is. See you tonight at 8pm GMT/9pm CET.

Guess the Guest

Tonight we hosted the Destination Star Trek Germany Twitter and Facebook takeover and decided to do something a little different. We played a trivia game based on the newly announced full guest line-up.

In case you're wondering here are the answers. 

We asked you a question and you guess the character. But the answer needed to be one of the DSTG guests from this lineup http://www.destinationstartrek.com/guests

First person to answer correctly can have the gift of feeling as smug as a Vulcan winning a game baseball. (that's a thing!)

Ok, this character’s parents were both Starfleet officers?
- Geordi La Forge / LeVar Burton

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Data’s Day

Tonight we are firing up the MIDAS array and preparing to take over the Destination Star Trek Germany Twitter and Facebook accounts again. Join us each Weds at 8pm GMT. 
Tonight we will be discussing all things Data and DSTG guest Brent Spiner. We would love to hear your experiences of meeting him so to start, we thought we'd start the discussion with this YouTube video. Contains immaturity and waffling! - you have been warned!

DSTG Takeover!

Remember last October when we Vulcan nerve pinched several security guards to give you a sneak peek of Destination Star Trek London? (At least, that's how we remember it!)

Well we can't wait until Feb '14 to get into Destination Star Trek Germany so we have masked our warp trail, set up transporter scattering devices and dry cleaned our lucky starfleet undies because we are taking over the official @StarTrek_DST twitter account!

Join us every Wednesday at 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) where we will talk all things Star Trek and get excited about next Feb's event. 

This Wednesday 20th we will be talking about the guest line up. Who is going? Who do you want to see? Who are you most excited about meeting? 

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