Destination Star Trek Germany – Saturday night party giveaway!

Us at the Klingon Party at DSTL.
Can’t see how Bloodwine is still legal!
On Wednesday 18th December 8pm GMT/9pm CET we will again takeover the Destination Star Trek Twitter and Facebook accounts.

But this time, using the skills of Ferengi taking over the Enterprise Section 31 spies, we have obtained two tickets to the Saturday night party at Destination Star Trek Germany in Frankfurt.  

As it is a time of celebration we want to give these away to one lucky winner! 
Join us on Twitter, Facebook and our blog tomorrow for a live chat and for more information on how you can win this prize. 

This Wednesday we will be talking all things Party and Star Trek so what better prize can we steal giveaway than two tickets to the Saturday night party.

Confession time: We’re ashamed to say we haven’t entered the poll to choose what theme the Saturday night party should be. Because we can’t decide! So we need your help to assimilate the pro’s and con’s of each.

And if you haven’t already, enter the DSTG poll to have your say on the theme for this party.

We hope you can join us!