Destination Star Trek 2019

Destination Star Trek – Weekend Away Mission!

It’s Trekkie Christmas! We can’t believe it’s been a whole year already but it’s time for our favourite Star Trek Convention (yes we know we say they are all our favourites but that’s because they are all our favourites!).

We’ll be beaming in Thursday evening, unfortunately we are unable to host a landing party this year due to some problems finding somewhere that would host us, but don’t let that stop you beaming down early and having a good time! 

Here’s the highlights and what we’ll be doing over the weekend!

Timetables can and do change. We are also notoriously rubbish at reading the timetable so please check all times on the DST Website and twitter account.


It’s always quieter on Fridays so this is the perfect time to buy some the DST exclusive merchandise that is at risk of selling out over the weekend. We have heard that Forbidden Planet have some exclusive items available. Star Trek Online have teamed up with Eagle Moss’s Hero Collector and have some fun panels and collaborations planned…

ESA – Working on the International Space Centre

We’re not sure it’s impossible but it has to be improbable to be a Star Trek fan and not be enthralled by space travel. Science and Star Trek have informed and inspired each other. 15:00  on the Voyager Stage.

The Opening Ceremony

This is the perfect chance to see all the guests at once. Often the bigger guests tend to appear first because they have more persuasion power to make a show and get to the restaurant asap. But the appearances get more entertaining as evening goes on and the drinks continue flowing backstage!

If that’s not your thing, make sure you see…

Star Trek and Cosplay

Moe is the young and incredibly talented cosplayer known a @SoundofCosplay on twitter. The work they put into their costume’s is  outstanding! 


For some reason, Saturday parties tend to have the most effort put into them, probably because more people attend. But guests are so ready to party Friday night, it becomes a blast! This years theme is Party like its 3200 which is where the Discovery is heading! (and so are we!)



Did you hear Patrick Stewart is making an appearance!? We are super psyched! Will there be more news? Will there be a bombshell revelation!? Find out at 11:15 on the Enterprise Stage.

Trek Fashion

Sadly, we can’t make it the Picard panel ourselves because we had already committed to helping out at the Trek Fashion panel on the Voyager Stage at 11.30. We had our people contact Sir Pat’s people and asked if he’d kindly move, he wouldn’t. We tried to rearrange the entire DST timetable like a trio of Trekked up Divas but alas it could not be done. But Starfleet is a promise so we will be at the Trek Fashion panel strutting our stuff, showing off some of the fantastic attire by Wild Bangarang and costumes from Smiffy’s. 

Trekkie Girls Wild Bangarang Star Trek

Discovering Season 2

We hadn’t quite appreciated what an amazing Discovery lineup there is this year until we saw them all listed here. This panel in the main Enterprise Stage at 12:45 features Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Alan van Sprang, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz. Tell us your secrets boys!

Script Reading

Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating will be partaking in a script reading at 14:10 on the Discovery Stage. We would like to recommend moving this to the Shuttlepod set, throwing in some blankets and a bottle of bourbon!

Teaching With Trek: Reading Shakespeare in the Original Klingon

On the Discovery Stage at  15:10, we’re very intrigued to hear any tips on speaking, reading and writing Klingon!

Lower Decks

At 17:00 they’ll be a live Satellite linkup with Mike McMahan who is creating the new comedy cartoon Star Trek Series Lower Decks. We are pretty excited about this Star Trek series and can’t wait to hear what Mike has to say…. and it better be funny!… No pressure!


And before you can say “Warp Core Breach” there’s another party to get too! Run back to your room, get changed and leave your emotions behind because tonight we’re celebrating all things DATA! We’re a bit disappointed that the Sexpo exhibition got cancelled at the NEC the same weekend (yep, you read that right!) but we know the trekkies are the ones who are fully functional!


If you’re worried you might sleep in and miss something, just don’t go to sleep!

The Ongoing Trek

Hosted by Mark Newbold on the Excelsior Stage at 09:45, Trekkie Girl Sam will be on as a panelist. We’ll be talking about storylines, serialisation and standalone episodes of Star Trek.

Treking through 40 years of Star Trek Books 

Don’t underestimate the content on the smaller stages. Less can be more and also very insightful and knowledgable. We often find Star Trek novelists  have all sorts of knowledge far beyond the books! This panel features John van Citters, Una McCormack and James Swallow. Excelsior Stage 10.45.

Powerful Women of Star Trek

Enterprise Stage 12.00. With Denise Crosby and Alice Eve, these are some guests we don’t see too often. It will be interesting to hear about their perspective of working on Star Trek decades apart.

Trek Fashions 

We’re back!! 14:40 on the Voyager Stage to show of the fantastic range of apparel from Wild Bangarang and costumes from Smiffy’s. Please come and cheer us on!

DST Special Announcement and Presentation

Enterprise Stage at 16:15 and everyone is invited. What do they have for us!? We can’t wait to find out!

What’s Next for Star Trek: Looking to 2020

Last panel of the weekend and it’s ours! Save the best till last! We don’t want those post con blues to hit in so we’re going to continue the hype right to the end! Join us as we talk about what’s to come!  


DST Is so much more than Panels though, there is incredible cosplay to see. A gaming zone, the Museum, a screening zone and a range of exhibitors to keep you entertained. Pace yourself. Make friends if that’s your thing! Have fun!