DST – Unofficial Timetable, Highlights and Landing Party

We’re counting down the hours until the longly anticipated Destination Star Trek returns to Birmingham and we have a few things planned we want to share plus some things to help you plan.

Unofficial Timetable

As Destination Star Trek continues to grow, the fans have made themselves a community around the event, more fringe and unofficial meet ups are popping up, all which enhance the fan experience at DST. Along with Liam Dillion from the Facebook Star Trek Costume Group,  we have been able to make downloadable timetable for you. The first document is everything (panels, parties, meet-ups and all photoshoots) in a linear format and is ideal if you planning lots of photoshoots.

The second timetable is just the panels, key show times and unofficial fringe events. These are not part of the official event schedule. It is handy if you aren’t planning as many photoshoots.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Whilst we have endeavoured to make sure all information is correct, schedules can and do change, up to and throughout the event. We strongly recommend you refer to official sources and check for updates and changes. We hold no responsibility for missed panels, photo’s etc.

DST Unofficial Timetable – FULL

DST Unofficial Event Guide – No photos


There’s a lot to look forward to on the timetable but we’re most excited about:

  • Star Trek Discovery Panel – Saturday 13:45
    This includes all the Discovery guests appearing that weekend. Which is pretty much EVERYONE!
  • Jason Isaacs – Saturday 11:15
    Jason was HILARIOUS at STLV and we can’t wait to hear what he comes out with this time. Plus he has reached out to make amends with William Shatner at DST
  • Kate Mulgrew – Saturday 16:15
    Because Kate Mulgrew
  • ESA Talks – throughout the weekend
    We love that the European Space agency are giving talks about the links between real life space exploration and Star Trek
  • What We Left Behind Documentary – Saturday 19:00
    Includes a red carpet event before, see the behind the scenes of DS9 and what season 8 may have looked like?
Landing Party

We have lots planned! Not only will we be doing our usual convention reporting, tweeting and live video. We have joined up with Larry Nemecek’s Portal 47 and the Roddenberry Podcast Network who are bringing the Landing Party to DST. If you’re unfamiliar with the STLV Landing party, it is a pre-con celebration involving prizes and is completely free! Join us Thursday 18th 21:00 – 22:00 in the Hilton Metropole Bar. Come by yourself or bring your crew.

Our Panels

We are very fortunate to be hosting a couple of panels over weekend. We hope you can come along:

Friday 14:15 – iBorg with Jonathan Del Arco

Sunday 17:15: Gender, Sexuality and Star Trek with Chase Masterson


Incidentally, they are the first and last panels of the convention so we’re just going to go out there and say we’re (unofficially!) opening and closing DST!!