Picard Series – Why it needs Q

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As Rain Robinson declared “you can’t stop a girl speculating!” And that’s what we intend to do with the Untitled Picard Series. With our usual disclaimer that we promise not to go all Ferengi/EMH should there be any similarity to what’s actually produced. Which isn’t a risk because Star Trek writers are 1000 times more talented and creative.

Remember, the Trekkie Girls know nothing. We are not a news site, we are just plain and simple bloggers.  In our last vBlog I (Sam) speculated what I’d like to see. In short:

  • The aftermath of the Dominion war left some paranoid bad Admirals in Starfleet.
  • Section 31 gained too much power granted to them by the admiralty when it was convenient during  war time.
  • The destruction of Romulas has created a refugee class in the galaxy.
  • A minority of Romulans have resorted to terrorism (Radicalised by Nero’s tribe) but most want the opportunity to live their lives in peace.
  • The political movement Terra Prime (from Enterprise) has resurged to exploit the fears and ignorance of Humans who have lived in complacency of their freedoms for centuries.
  • The Federation is at risk of dissolving.
  • Picard will be leading the rebellion aka La Resistance.

I was also pleased to read this brilliant blog post on Women at Warp who also suggest a similar theme of Picard facing ‘Trump-fleet’

If this is the case, then the show could be depressing (albeit entertaining). We watch Star Trek for escapism and hope for the future and this theme would very much mirror real life.

That’s where Q (and John de Lancie) comes in. And I think it works on so many levels. As Patrick Stewart stated, Picard won’t be the same man. So neither would Q. He can’t be the trickster who pops in once a season. Nor can he have any powers. Q will have been kicked out of the continuum for….. reasons. He’ll be an incredibly intelligent mortal Human but his lack of discipline and his general Q’ness means he is maverick. Perhaps he runs a bar in competition with Guinan but it’s just a civilised front to his criminal business.

What s Q’s Purpose?

Q will be there in part to offer comic relief to the show but also to help Picard. I see him as the Saul Goodman to  Walter White. He can assist him in more devious tasks. Q has always been a rule breaker and Picard is the epitome of Starfleet righteousness, he’d need a guide to help push him past his comfort zone.

Capt. Picard: [of Q] He’s always had a certain fascination with humanity, with myself in particular. I think he has more than a passing interest in what happens to me.

Lt. Cmdr. Data: That is true. Q’s interest in you has always been very similar to that of a master and his beloved pet. – All Good Things

That said, Q would be capable of reigning Picard in should he go to far. In his role as adversary throughout TNG (and I’ve always suspected this was on purpose) he helped Picard maintain and reinforce his moral centre.

Q has the potential to be a much more complex character. So much more than a goodie, baddie or prankster. We got a glimpse into this complexity in Deja Q where he looses his powers. We see a man who is ignorant of his impact on others, selfish but capable of kindness and selflessness…. an actualised person. Picard will never know if Q is going to back him or let him down, something he would never have experienced with his Starfleet buddies.

John de Lancie in Breaking Bad absolutely blew me away with his acting. I’d love to see him as Q going through that turmoil. There is so much more to explore with him whilst staying true to his original character, because we still need that lighthearted Q. In this political climate where hatred and ignorance is becoming normalised, comedy can heal and reveal.

The thought of Starfleet going bad is an unsettling notion to this fan who grew up and was shaped by the optimism of The Next Generation. And that’s ok because as Kira says “The light only shines in the dark”.

And in comedy there is truth.

But don’t ask me how they are going to stop the Calamarain from crushing Q in his first appearance though!

Side Note: Thank you Christoph for always proof reading! , you’re 1000x better than any spell check or the 3 proof reads I do before I publish!


2 thoughts on “Picard Series – Why it needs Q”

  1. Thanks for the praise, it’s an honor to help!
    Reading your articles so thoroughly does myself good, it improves my English, so it’s a win-win scenario.

    On another positive note, the idea of “Trump-fleet” is scary dark but interesting.
    I love the idea of a powerless Q as Picard’s Quark/Garak!
    It even might fit my idea (or wish, if you like) to make Ezri Dax (with the vast experience of former Dax hosts) Picard’s go-to counsellor. Guinan would work well too, but if they want to get more TNG era fans back on track (especially those that refuse STD for whatever reason).

    1. Ohhh myyy, should have proofread my comment 😉

      To complete my last sentence: If they want to get back more TNG era fans back onboard again, then they should bring back characters from DS9 and VOY too, maybe as recurring characters or maybe someone else every other episode. They should not try it with embarrasing offers though (a error the STD seems to have made).

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