Guess the Guest

Tonight we hosted the Destination Star Trek Germany Twitter and Facebook takeover and decided to do something a little different. We played a trivia game based on the newly announced full guest line-up.

In case you’re wondering here are the answers. 
We asked you a question and you guess the character. But the answer needed to be one of the DSTG guests from this lineup

First person to answer correctly can have the gift of feeling as smug as a Vulcan winning a game baseball. (that’s a thing!)

Ok, this character’s parents were both Starfleet officers?
– Geordi La Forge / LeVar Burton

Who’s last ever words were “Great news. Wait till they here-”
– Trip Tucker

Who (from the #DSTG lineup) have had another actor play the same character? 

We counted five, depending on how pedantic you wish to get! James Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Borg Queen, Saavik and Lal

This actor has appeared in TNG, DS9, VOY and Ent playing different characters. 

– Vaughn Armstrong

And we loooove constructive criticism so if you think we got anything wrong, please impress us with your Treksual prowess.