Full Guest Line Up for DSTG

At last the full guest line up for Destination Star Trek Germany has been revealed and this is what it looks like

  • William Shatner
  • Karl Urban
  • Brent Spiner
  • Michael Dorn
  • LeVar Burton
  • Marina Sirtis
  • Gates McFadden
  • Tim Russ
  • Armin Shimerman
  • Rene Auberjonois
  • Alice Krige
  • Connor Trinneer
  • Jeffrey Combs
  • Dominic Keating
  • Suzie Plakson
  • Carolyn Seymour
  • Hallie Todd
  • Gwynyth Walsh
  • Robin Curtis
  • Ira Steven Behr
  • Casey Biggs
  • Vaughn Armstrong
  • Steve Rankin
  • Kitty Swink

Join us tonight 8pm GMT/ 9pm CET on Twitter and Facebook where we will take over the DSTG accounts to discuss this exciting news.

With this lineup we can see that it’s a smaller event than London with its five Captains but smaller doesn’t mean less. The guests included are like cuddly warm Tribbles, you can’t resist them (or give them food). Also, 24 purely Star Trek guests is great deal more than we normally have in Europe.

They are the sort of guest who always take time with the fans and deliver the bests panels. This is what makes a convention enjoyable and one to remember.
If you get a chance to see them deliver a talk the ones we recommend are:

  • All of the TNG – look out for the talk hosted by William Shatner, not to be missed!!
  • Connor Tinneer and Dominic Keating, often talk together and make hilarious comparisons between Enterprise and the other franchises.
  • Tim Russ – Very funny man, nothing like Tuvok!Jeffrey Coombs – Talented, witty with a massive insight to Trek having played every single character ever.
  • Casey Biggs – Sam’s secret crush. DAMAR!!! 
  • Ira Steven Behr – A lot of the questions asked to the actors are often related to story or production of the series. As Executive Producer and writer on DS9 and TNG episodes, some of those fan questions will be well placed with Ira. A unique and insightful discussion is guaranteed but can often be overlooked by attendees. 

We hope you can make it. There are still tickets available. Buy them on the Destination Star Trek Website