UK Star Trek Into Darkness – Press Screening

Last night reported on a press screening event in Brazil where 38 minutes of the film were shown. So we suspect our press screening in London today will be somewhat similar.
We want to respect the wishes of all fans, those who want the scoop and all the gory details but also those who appreciate the surprise and anticipation. Therefor, we won’t be tweeting any spoilers, instead we’ll update this page and spoilers can be seen after this jump.
Welcome to the dark side! There be spoilers here…
We have just seen 28 minutes from the Begining of Star Trek Into Darknes plus two other films that appear later in the movie. We were honestly blown away by what we have seen. Here is an account of what we saw.
The first nine minutes have been widely reported but in fact are shown in a slightly different order. The film opens on the planet Niburu and they run away from the natives.
Only difference we detect us the addition of a big fish in the view screen that takes Scotty by surprise.
Then we go to London for the scene with the little girl and introduction of John Harrison.
Enterprise emerges out of the water to reveal itself to the inhabitants
They beam out Spock before he turns into green dust
Spock not best pleased that prime directive broken
The inhabitants huddle together and draw a pretty stunning picture of the Enterprise
Change scene
Kirk is having a threesome – no really!
The he is in San Francisco talking to Spock about the new mission.. 5 Year Mission!
Kirk and Spock are in Admiral Pikes getting a telling off. Spock and Pike have some hilarious dialogue. References to an Admiral Marcus
Kirk in trouble for not respecting command or federation policies.
Kirk loses command of the Enterprise threatened with going back to the academy.
John Harrison is drawing his blood and places a ring with it.
We see Dad in a Starfleet uniform heading to work in London. Note the Kelvin Memorial Building.
He uploads a transmission then uses his ring to blow up the building
Kirk is in a bar when Pike finds him. Reminiscent of first film. Kirk has lost command but will be first officer to Pike who is commanding Enterprise again.
Spock is transferred to USS Bradbury.
They are informed of the attack in London and the Daystrom Archives have been destroyed.
Meeting of command officers convened in SF, they identify Commander John Harrison as the culprit and the John shows up and attacks the building – Kazon Style.
Pike looks pretty bad.
Kirk takes out Johns ship but he beams out.
Scenes later on…
After an epic battle the Enterprise is looking badly beaten. The are heading back to Earth.
Spock is acting Captain and gives command to abandon ship. No one goes
Scotty and Kirk run around engineering – there are no inertia dampers!
The ship looks like it is falling into Earth.
Next scene
A ship crashes into Alcatraz! (We think)
Spock beams into SF and chases John Harrison. In a fight scene on some Hoover ships it looks like they are trying to mind meld each other.
When John escapes, Spock jumps after him but misses his ride!

And there you have it! Now all we have to do is wait until May for the rest!

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