Sci-Fi Ball 26 trekkie girls

Sci-Fi Ball 26 – Review

We have been trying to think how many SFBalls we have now attended. It must be at least five now. We like the Ball for it’s relaxed laid back nature. It’s not a signing show or a convention. The guest list is small and the event can best be described as intimate. It’s local to us too which makes a difference. But best of all, it raises money for the Teenage Cancer Trust which makes a huge impact on young people who have cancer.

Marina Sirtis
Marina Sirtis Sci-Fi Ball

We couldn’t be more excited to attend this year to see Marina Sirtis (Star Trek’s Counsellor Troi). Any fan who has seen her in a panel knows why she is a favourite at events. She is funny, entertaining and can go from unfiltered what-you-see-is-what-you-get to loving queen of hearts, at warp speed. 

We didn’t get any insider stories about Star Trek Picard (Because Marina is a pro!) but she did drop this juicy bit of gossip:

Ohhh Myyyy!

We had the delight of interviewing Marina who was so gracious and sweet. There were a million things we wanted to talk to her about but we were grateful for the time we had.

Our friends the USS Riker’s Beard once again brought their Bridge set and this new addition…. what a beaut!!

Friday Night Party

Each night has a theme and Friday night was a Barn Dance! We didn’t dress up for the theme but plenty did! Generally Friday is a good knees up. Gold Patrons enjoy a cocktail party which we hear there is a wonderful chocholate fountaing! We stayed up far too late, indulged a bit too much and had an enjoyable evening.

Saturday Ball

The theme for the Ball was Alice In Wonderland. I (Sam) had considered doing a mirror universe Deanna Troi mashed with the Queen of Hearts. But as Marina was there I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not since I bumped into Brent Spiner whilst dressed as Data once!

One of the highlights of the ball is hearing from the Teenage Cancer Trust and the people who benefit from the funds raise. As exciting it is to meet the guest stars, these guests are true heroes.

After a delcious meal there is a caberet act and then… you guessed it…back to the bar!!

Highlight: Having our Friday Night Live Stream crashed by Miss Kyle (Alexander’s school teacher!)

Weird bit: The caberet, they were very talented but we didn’t get it!