Star Trek into Darkness trailer

The Star Trek into Darkness trailer is spreading over the interwebs like the Tarellian Plague and we all want to get infected. So, here it is. There’s also a slightly longer Japanese version that has an additional scene at the end. Watch with care….


With all the Khan and Gary Mitchell rumours still floating around, the Japanese version certainly has a Wrath of Khan vibe to it? Could the red planet be some kind of Genesis planet?
Hmmm, not convinced. But the scene where the Enterprise crashes into the sea is reminiscent of The Voyage Home? Perhaps Kirk and Spock go looking for nuclear wessles and learn colourful metaphors?

When the poster was released we were certain it was London in the landscape. Watching this, we wonder if they crash the Enterprise into the Thames?? It’s Ok for them to do that, because then we’ll get an NCC-1701-A. Same with Spock, if he dies at the end, you can’t be too sad because you know he’ll be back. *Hand us the tissues NOW!*

Eitherway, this movie is going to be bum-on-edge-of-seat and more action packed than Wolf 359 and The Battle of the Tyra system combined (too soon to joke!?)
We are really looking forward to the 9 minute preview now. But we fear we may need to be kept in statis until May!

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  1. I saw the film in Nottingham last night and didn't like it,I think it's sort of a cross between star wars lethal weapon and Jackie chan,I think it's made for people who aren't trekkies,but you'll have to see what you think when you see it.

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