Inside Out – The future of transport

If you happened to be watching Inside Out on BBC One on Monday you might have spotted us. If you were at DSTL, you might even spot yourself!

The BBC were filming an episode of Inside Out, investigating whether Britain has fallen out of love with the car. If we had our own Starships, we’re sure we would have ditched the cars long ago!

When we did our cheeky bridge segment at DSTL we had got in the way of the BBC, who were very polite about it and asked if we’d be in their programme. You can view the clip through iPlayer using this link.
Yes that is the back of Sam’s head interviewing William Shatner 😉
With these 8 seconds of fame we promise not to go all Diva. Now someone fetch us a Raktijino and Jumja stick and it better not be replicated!
Thanks to Sally Bowman Collard (@sallcoll) and Richard Westcott (@RichardWestcott) for including us. We had a lot of fun and have always wanted to fly the Enterprise!