Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 On the convention floor!

Exploring the venue at STLV is fairly straight forward. BUT HUGE! The main theatre is HUGE. The vendors room is HUGE. Even the small stage is rather big.


New this year was the 10 Forward set.

10 Forward Star Trek Las Vegas

After the morning I had getting to STLV I was ready to slump myself over that bar and down a Samarian Sunset or six.

What Creation Entertainment do very well is frame their prop sets. 10 Forward was in a room dedicated to showcasing items for the TNG 30 year anniversary exhibit. (see more photos in gallery below).

The rooms that holds the TOS bridge has an ambience fitting of a sacred place…which it is. They have music and shmoozy lighting which shows of the colours of the set.



There are a huge number of vendors as always at STLV. The most popular table this year has to be FanSets who are doing an incredible job selling pins of all things! If the product doesn’t pull you in, the people will. I spoke to Lew from FanSets who told me all about what makes these pins so collectable and why they are such a big hit with fans.

The pins are depictions of all our favourite characters and although FanSets produce pins for a wide range of fandoms, Star Trek is their first and main love. This shows through their dedication to deliver the best and biggest range of Star Trek characters.

They test out their designs on existing fans to make sure they ‘get’ who it’s meant to be. They have limited numbers on some but what makes these pins most appealing is their reasonable price (about $6 for a character and $10 for a ship) but most importantly they are easy to store. Lew informed me that space is an ever going consideration for collector. I’ve seen Carole’s geek room, I can attest!

FanSets are also well ahead of the game when it comes to development. They already have Star Trek Discovery characters planned for release. Characters such as Michael Burnham are ready to launch. They even have characters we don’t know about! And before you try, they can’t be bribed, integrity was well intact when I spoke to them!


Undoubtedly one of the coolest thing about STLV is the Cosplay. I was itching to see my first Discovery costume and wasn’t disappointed.

It’s also the first time in a long time that I haven’t cosplayed myself. As I’ve been travelling for the last six months I haven’t been able to haul my costumes around. It feels weird wearing normal clothes, I don’t like it!


I’ve seen these two every year either in person or online. They’re cosplay is always first class!
Although the BEST cosplay has to be this guy for nailing the Larry Nemecek look. Honestly, I spat out my Raktijino laughing!