Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage Wishlist

After our cheeky question to Ron Jones (Star Trek TNG Composer) asking what can we expect from this Sunday’s concert being held at the Royal Albert Hall, we have been wondering what we’d like to hear.

We were pleased and fascinated by something that Ron said when we spoke to him, that they’ll be a lot of surprises and that they dug deep to find the pieces of music that aren’t embedded into the fans consciousness.

This makes it particularly hard to pick out the ‘best musical scores’ over our favourite scenes across the Star Trek franchise. But here’s a few!…

The Corbomite Manoeuvre


This is very familiar to the fans but there is something iconic about this music. I’m not sure what feeling it was meant to evoke or what atmosphere it was trying to create but it goes wonderfully with Kirks blasé attitude towards Blalok.

Star Trek The Search for Spock


Here we felt the music when Kirk and the crew steal the Enterprise,moist perfectly. It adds to the suspense of if they’d get the space doors open in time. It is quintessentially Trek, emphasising that even though what they are doing is technically bad, it’s THEIR ship!

Star Trek Insurrection

Whilst not our favourite movie, this has one of the best sound tracks. The opening credits are pretty and sweet. In fact, Sam used this soundtrack for her wedding. Starting off all sweet and wedding like, it builds up to the TNG theme tune. But it’s grander than the TV version. Next time you watch Insurrection, listen to the closing credits right to the end. Make sure you turn up the volume very loud. You won’t be disappointed.

Badda Bing Badda Bang



The Inner Light


If they don’t play this, we’ll eat our tricorders.

So there’s just a few we’d like to hear. The more we though about it,  more scenes kept coming to us from all series and all movies. But we found ourselves falling in to the trap of picking the most popular scenes. We are looking forward to experiecing Star Trek from a new angle. An angle that has always been there, but perhaps we haven’t appreciated as much as we could have before.

What are your favourite scores and soundtracks?

Hopefully see you this Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall