STLV – we have landed! 

Both Sam and Carole have now beamed in to Star Trek Las Vegas’s 50th anniversary celebration. It is like Star Trek on viagra here! 

We spent Wedsnesday getting our bearings and keeping Sam awake! 

We won’t post detailed pictures of the venue because our pictures come out rubbish and you can get better ones from official sources but the halls are massive! 

The vendors hall is probably the size of a galaxy class starship. The centre peice is the MAC cosmetics stand which resembles a bridge shape along with its own transporter set, ten forward and a smokin hot Seven of Nine model! 

We went to check out the range which you can buy ahead of its release in September. When we heard they were running dangerously low on ‘Khaaaan’ lipgloss and ‘Where no man has gone before’ lipstick we had to make an emergency purchase. Although we do admit to feeling a bit like Harry Kim when he almost bought those rare gems from Quark in Voyagers pilot. 

Still, Kristen from MAC was very nice and had a detailed knowledge of the product… And she made us feel special and …. Goddamit they warned us about this at the academy. 

Still, no regrets. Lipgloss and lipstick are lush! We’ll say review more on that later. 

Quarks bar is very good, obviously it’s not the Quarks from the experience days at the Hilton but it is still very good. Just don’t drink the wine! 

The place to drink is the Masquerade bar where you can enjoy the cocktails from old Quarks including our favourite Tranya!

Thursday’s day is just beginning and already streams of Trekkies are filling the corridors and food outlets of the Rio. Stay tuned for more updates.